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A High-Touch Mastermind experience with expert-level offers, funnels, and advertising support to help ignite your digital marketing without breaking the bank

Due to the tight nature of this mastermind, we cannot accept everyone, and space is limited. However, if you want to take your offer to the next level, we encourage you to apply


If you are reading this, then you likely know that masterminds can change lives and help entrepreneur's take their businesses to the next level.

Join a community of driven individuals eager for knowledge and financial prosperity.

No more exorbitant entry fees! Our cutting-edge Mastermind is exclusive and affordable, designed to elevate your online business without straining your budget. You see, masterminds could cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. As a matter of fact, between Keith and Vidya, they paid over $100,000 in mastermind fee’s last year alone. However, this is different. You see, this is...

Tailored for two distinct profiles:

Internet Marketers

Amplify your business, elevate your income, and connect with growth-oriented peers.


Start your online business journey right the first time. Invest in yourself and set the stage for success from day one.

But we have to be honest...

Not everyone is a perfect fit. If you don't resonate with these profiles,

Our digital marketing mastermind may not be the right choice for you.

But if you're ready to embrace a journey of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and unprecedented growth, we extend a warm invitation to you. Discover a mastermind experience where your online business aspirations find the support and nurturing they deserve.

We’ve already helped coaches, course creators, and e-commerce businesses navigate and excel through the online digital marketing landscape.

When others are in full freak-out mode, our clients are seeing these results:

"One-week stats - a solid increase of 109%"

"More than $1000 per day in THREE days."

"Power of properly strategised ads!"

"16 sales per day on $97 product with 5.75 ROAS"

This is what we will focus in this mastermind:




After You are Approved for Mastermind On Fire, this is what you get:

  • Instant Access to Mastermind On Fire's Private Facebook Group: This is where you can network with other members, help each other, and even network with some of my most successful and wealthy Internet marketing partners........................... (Valued at $997)

  • Weekly Virtual Meetings Via Zoom: Get strategy, questions answered, offers reviewed, and clarity every week on how to implement... (Valued at $297/Mo)

  • Voxer Access... No question will go unanswered. This is great Access .................................. (Valued at $1200/year)

  • A Go High-level Account (The key to cash + Multiple Funnels) ...................................(Valued at $300/Mo)

  • Mastermind-level trainings (The latest insights for marketing, copywriting and ads)...................... (valued at $20,000)

  • High-level Special Guest speakers............ (Priceless)

  • Access to Our Rolodex:...................................(Priceless)

Total Value over $25,000

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $497 Per Month...

Yes, That's right You’re Reading this correctly…

I'm guessing you're pretty excited by now. I think it’s time to meet your coaches.

Let’s introduce ourselves a little more formally, shall we?

Get ready for an empowering adventure, tailor-made just for you! Keith Harris and Vidya Ravi have teamed up and are the wizards behind it all. MASTERMIND ON FIRE is an exclusive sanctuary of growth and support that's here to light up your digital marketing journey.

Gain direct access to their proven strategies, transform your advertising results, scale your business, and unlock your full potential. Seize this game-changing opportunity and secure your spot today.

Hey there, I’m Vidya Ravi.

Let me cut to the chase—I'm the person you want on your side when it comes to advertising on pretty much any platform you can think of.

Don't just take my word for it; Entrepreneur Magazine gave my agency the Best Digital Marketing Business of the Year award. Oh, and did I mention that we're Shark Tank judge-approved?

I'm a straight-shooter who's obsessed with getting results. My team and I have managed to score close rates of up to 80% on totally cold audiences.

And let's talk about ROI—we've hit up to 42 times the return on ad spend for our clients, not just once or twice, but multiple times.

I lead an agency that's helped numerous businesses catapult into the 6-figure and 7-figure ranges. We're handling around $10 million in ad spend every year, and our clients love us for it—just check out our 93% retention rate.

But it's not just about the here and now for me. I'm in this for the long haul, which is why I never stop learning. I've invested in masterminds with industry greats like Akbar Sheikh, Depesh Mandalia, Taylor Welch, Julie Stoian, Jody Milward, and Cat Howell.

So, if you're tired of settling and ready for real growth, let's hop on a call and talk details. I look forward to elevating your game!

I’m Keith Harris. 

A highly sought-after direct response advertising marketer specializing in:

  • Funnels

  • Offers

  • Copy

My current e-commerce company has been awarded the prestigious 2 Comma Club Award and 6 and 7-figure society awards.

With a proven track record of scaling multiple beauty e-commerce businesses and a brick-and-mortar environmental company to seven-figure revenues, my expertise shines through the mastery of crafting effective funnels and irresistible offers.

Mentored by industry leaders such as Russell Brunson, Trey Lewellen, Ezra Firestone, Akbar Sheikh, and Steve Larsen, I combine a visionary approach with an astute understanding of marketing strategies to achieve remarkable success.

My trailblazing spirit and commitment to excellence continue to propel me forward, leaving a lasting impact on the e-commerce landscape.

We Will Only be Charging $497 per month

(For a limited number of people, you will receive the Founders Price...) to access this mastermind,

which we think is insane value!

Remember, we just paid $100,000 per year between both of us to access the information and contacts we will share.

We wanted to make this opportunity a no-brainer for anyone looking to benefit and take their knowledge to the next level!

We are just passionate about helping people, just like you create and have success online.

This is your opportunity to get full access to "Mastermind on Fire"

today for just $497 per month

Here is what to do next:

If you’re ready to change the trajectory of your offer or business and network with some of the coolest like-minded people in the world, then we encourage you to go to Step 1 below.

Step 1: Click on any of the "Click Here To EXPLODE YOUR REVENUE..."

Step 2: See Step 1

Step 3: You’re kidding, right? If you're still confused at Step 3, maybe we have a problem...

When you complete the application, keep an eye on your inbox. You’ll hear from us shortly.

OK, let’s talk guarantee...

We are going to extend to you a ridiculous, guarantee so we can prove to you that this mastermind is a game changer for you and your business.

So we are giving you a full 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee when you join today.

If for any reason you want a refund in your first 30 days, simply send us a direct email, and we personally guarantee a full refund.

So all the risk is for us to overdeliver when you get inside Mastermind On Fire, right?

What's the real risk of giving it a chance? What is the cost of not taking action?

The only risk is that you'll completely miss out on the opportunity (and the bonuses) if you don't take action immediately.

This is something you'll likely NEVER see again, so I would act now before this offer is gone or maxed out.

Again, you have nothing to lose.

Now let’s go...


"Multi Six-Figure Launch"

Tricia Brouk

"High ROAS After Audit"

Tasha DaCosta

"Highly recommend team"

Terri Cole



Don't wait. Act now and thrive in today's competitive market.

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